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Railway Availability Solutions

Enabling door-to-door delivery

Click2Rail digital solutions are made to considerably improve transportation performance by connecting various actors of freight forwarding services industry in real time.


Shared digital platform for freights enabling carriers, shippers, forwarders, intermodal and shipping companies as well as manufacturers to spot and book empty slots of available transport capacities


Sell unused transport capacities, search for freights, publish transport planning, negotiate best selling price and book TEU slots


Search carriers, book TEU slots, negotiate delivery price, publish freights to be delivered and get the best deals


Ass TEU slots, offer deals for delivering freights, search for freights to deliver



Developer API available for integration with your internal platform

Click2Rail API allows to connect your internal system to our platform to achieve 2-way data sync: once your schedule is published by sending simple JSON you get notified about any booking made via Click2Rail.

All bookings can be managed within your internal software while our API dashboard provides you with the insights to the queries sent, booking status and other relevant information.


Our solutions are made for global and local supply chain stakeholders and are aimed to enhance operational performance and effective use of multimodal fleet by providing integration with various transportation platforms.


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