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Leading Provider of Shared Digital Solutions for freight transportation industry

Who Are We ?

A team of bright, young, ambitious and educated minds as well as railway experts with excessive experience in the railway industry and providers of advanced IT solutions supported by private investors and well-known European digital transformation consulting firm.

We do believe in our collective intelligence and capabilities to make the railway transport profitable and fast-growing. Our major commitment is to create comprehensive digital tools based on innovative technologies such as blockchain and AI in collaboration with key railway operators, shippers, forwarders and logistic companies.

Our solutions are made with a great attention to the key needs of logistic industry players and latest technological developments. 

Our Vision

To become a leading provider of digital services to the railway segment

Our Mission

To contribute to the development of the world's transportation system and ecology improvement

Our Objective

A shared digital system providing actors of the freight transportation services with forecasting and planning tools for global management of cargo flows

Our Commitment

Aerial View of Containers

With our digital solution we are committed to contribute to the development of the world's transportation systems and ecology improvement.

Our work centres around helping freight operators, forwarders, shippers and logistic companies to improve their operating processes by driving a more accurate utilisation of their fleet and thus boosting their profitability by matching the offer of transport capacities and the demand of goods to be transported.

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